The ZSOM-Control is an off-the-shelf hardware module from NI Embedded-Specialty Alliance member Schmid Elektronik, integrating the NI System-on-Module sbRIO9651 on an industrial carrier board. It is designed for embedded measurement and control applications and can be fully programmed with LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA. All necessary process I/O signals are available on two rugged clamp terminals. An optional PCIe card adds 4G, GPS or WIFI to the system.

The ZSOM-Control is available as starter kit

  • 12x analog in, 16 bit, ±5V or ±10V, 450kHz simultaneous, 4th order antialiasing with fg=200kHz.
  • 4x analog out, 16 bit, ±10V, OVP, 100kHz simultaneous generation of all 4 channels.

Main wide input range 10-30V power supply

ZSOM-Control-xx - xx - xx
Heat spreader SE Schmid Elektronik
NI Original
Display 00 without Display
DV with Display VGA
Connection 00 solder pads
ST screw terminal

The following Versions are available:
ZSOM-Control-ST-00-SE: Standard screw terminal version without display. Available in quantities.
ZSOM-Control-ST-DV-SE: Standard screw terminal version with display. Single items available. (series production planned for Q4 2021)

1), 2) preliminary software support
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