You can use one of the following options to install Software on your target. Installing Softwawre might be needed if up- or down-graeading to a different LabVIEW or NI RIO version, or if you need additional software packages.

The Replication and Deployment Untility can load entire images including the RT and FPGA programs to and from the ZSOM targets.

  1. Download the RAD Utility 1)
  2. Wait for ZSOM to be discovered
  3. Choose the Application Image “ZSOM-2017-full” or your custom Image
  4. Deploy
  5. confirm with “Deploy Image to Listed Targets”
  6. and choose “Stop After Current Batch”
  7. Wait for the Window to close
  8. The ZSOM will automatically reboot


Replication and Deployment
  • Last modified: 3 years ago