Rugged Digital Input

Number of channels ZSOM-Control 10 channels
Number of channels ZSOM-Mini 4 channels
Resolution 1 bit
Range 0 - 30V
Absolute maximum input Voltage +-48 V
Speed up to 40kHz
Input impedance >3kOhm 1)

The terminals can only be used as input. The output functionality of the FPGA pin is prohibited in the CLIP definition.

Voltages > 2.5V are interpreted as high and the FPGA IO node reads a true value
Voltages < 1V are interpreted as low and the FPGA IO node reads a false value
Voltages between 1V and 2.5V lead to a undefined result.

The init_io VIs in the getting started example can be used to get the correct IO Node reference.

1) depending on applied voltage and frequency
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