The Status LED indicates the status of the sbRIO-9651 SOM boot process and Safe Mode state.

LED pattern Indication
Off The device is in Run Mode because software is installed and the operating system is running.
2The device is in Safe Mode because software is not installed, which is the factory default state, or software has been improperly installed on the device. An error can occur when an attempt to upgrade the software is interrupted. Reinstall software on the device.
3 The device is in user-directed Safe Mode, or the device is in Install Mode to indicate that software is currently being installed. The device enters user-directed Safe Mode when the reset signal asserts for longer than five seconds or when you enable Safe Mode in MAX
Refer to the Measurement & Automation Explorer Help for information about Safe Mode
4The device is in Safe Mode because it has crashed twice without rebooting or cycling power between crashes. This usually indicates that the device has run out of memory or that your LabVIEW Real-Time application has crashed. Review your LabVIEW Real-Time application to resolve any memory leaks
Continuously flashingThe device has detected an unrecoverable error. see knowledge base article.
SolidThe device is currently booting. This pattern also indicates when the reset signal has been asserted for longer than five seconds.

The power LED is lit when the Target is powered.

This LED can be controlled from the FPGA aplication.

The power LED is lit when the target gets too hot.

hardware Status LED Temp LED Power LED FPGA LED
ZSOM-Control V0.0..V1.1
ZSOM-Control V1.2ff
ZSOM-Mini V0.0..V1.0
ZSOM-Mini V1.1
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