ZSOM Mini Power and GPIOs

On the ZSOM-Mini different board regions can be powered separately. This can be controlled via GPIOs from the sbRIO9651. Additionally the Kill GPIO, the Go Input and alarms set on the precise_rtc can control if power is applied to the board.

The following graphic shows the dependencies in a simplified schematic view:

ZSOM-Mini power flow and controlling possibilities


Check Out the GPIO example in the SDK to explore the funtionalities

Name Function Polarity
ENVP Enabled the internal 5V supply that delivers power to USB device, CAN, general purpose high speed I/O (DIO) and analog in. TRUE = power is enabled
ENDIO Enable power for general purpose high speed I/O (DIO) TRUE = power is enabled
DIO_LEVEL Choose logic levels for general purpose high speed I/O (DIO) input and output functionality TRUE = 3.3V FALSE = 5V
ENANALOG Enable power for analog in TRUE = power is enabled
ADC RANGE Switch the input range of all analog in channels. Is part of ADC FPGA driver VIs TRUE = +-10V FALSE = +-5V
ENHUB Enable power for USB device TRUE = power is enabled
USBRESET Reset USB device hub FALSE = USB hub goes to reset state
CARRIERRST Reset IMU on ZSOM Mini FALSE = reset is active
KILLKill signal to cut the power of ZSOM-Mini TRUE = power off
LED USERControls the ststus of the FPGA LEDTRUE = light on
Name Function Polarity
SD PWR FAIL Error indicator of board region
USB PWR FAIL Error indicator of board region
ON OFF BUTTON Reads the status of the power on input (GO) TRUE = pressed
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