Load an Executable (*.dxe file)

This site describes how to load an executable (*.dxe file) into the target RAM memory.
The RAM memory is a volatile memory and the target must stay connected to the PC via the JTAG emulator while running the application.

1. Connect the target to the PC via the JTAG Emulator

2. Power the Target

3. Start Visual DSP

4. Connect the VisualDSP session

5. Select File → Load Program, and select the previously generated *.dxe file
You'll find the *.dxe file under
<project directory>/<project name>/<target name>/<build specification>/<project name>.dxe

6. Press “run”

- Choose “disconnect from target” before un-plugging, reseting or un-powering the target
(The JTAG connector can remain plugged in all the time, only the VisualDSP session has to be connected and disconnected)
- See * Debugging in VisualDSP for more information
- click here to convert the *.dxe file into a *.ldr file

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