Start multiple timers synchronously

If it is important that timers start simultaneously the following code can be used.
The code works on the ZMC target.
The Code does not work in FDM.

drag and drop this VI snippet into a LabVIEW block diagram.

The defines for the Z48-C1 Target are:

#define TMR_A_DIO2  (0x0010)
#define TMR_B_DIO3  (0x0020)
#define TMR_C_DIO4  (0x0040)
#define TMR_D_DIO5  (0x0100)
#define TMR_E_DIO6  (0x0001)
#define TMR_F_DIO63 (0x0004)
#define TMR_G_DIO73 (0x0001)

The timers TMR_H DIO9 and TMR_I DIO8 on t eZ48 C1 are controlled by a sepatare register.
Control them with the following definitions:

#define  TIMER_ENABLE1  0xffc00640   /* Timer Group of 8 Enable Register */
#define  pTIMER_ENABLE1 ((volatile unsigned short *)TIMER_ENABLE1)

#define TMR_H_DIO9  (0x0004)
#define TMR_I_DIO8  (0x0002)
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