Error Messages


error message reason/solution
Wrong Interpreter Version. x.x.x is recommended wrong interpreter version

Compiler / Linker

error message reason/solution
immediately after start compile & no detailed descriptionVI is not executable (broken arrow)
- open VI under BF target to check the run button
with detailed description error in ZBrainSDK or VI not usable under LabVIEW for Microprocessor
check vi_blacklist
problem opening file Problems with network path
- work on a local directory
li1021 “Symbols not resolved” Wrong target selected → configure target → Hardware
Failed to script build tools Problem with VDSP remote control
- emualtor or board not powered
Cannot open input file “lv_basiccrt.doj” Wrong silicon revision → configure target → target settings
Failed to locate VisualDSP++files… Likely to happen after moving the project to a new location
- configure target, click ok
Failed to intialize OCDI interface… Problem with VDSP/LabVIEW running parallel
- use VDSP to run *.dxe files


error message reason/solution
LV runtime error in file ..\..\..\CCodeGen\libsrc\comms\CCGNetConnSupport.c at line 515 UDP close executed without proper refnum or open connection


error message reason/solution
An error has occured while trying connect to the target,
*failed to initialize emulator*
- check emulator power supply
- check board power supply
- emulator not plugged in
An error has occured while trying connect to the target,
*USB data count error*
an application with clock changes might be flashed. Try no_boot
Trying to load silicon rev0.1 … the program has been compiled for a different silicon revision, press ok
Illegal op code (appears in disassembly window after stopping the execution) no proc file defined, check proc file

Error Codes

The ZBrain_SDK uses the LabVIEW internal error code space.
All user codes >5000 are free and can be used by the application.

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