Second Service Pack for Empoli Release

Official Name V3.2.2 empoli SP2

Release date: 31.03.2011

The following points are included in this release:

Draw Text Vis

Draw Text with a single VI. Fast and reliable with a built in font and additional loadable fonts.

New Target

New display types, including 5.7" VGA and 3,5" QVGA are added

Display driver has been rewritten to produce less interrupt load.

The massive interrupt load of the current (..3.2.1) display driver caused multiple problems on the following components:

  • File system (The Application could hang)
  • ADC (lost samples)

DMA optimised

DMA priorities optimized. Some devices with DMA (display‚ ADC) did not get a high enough priority. They could be blocked by the core leading in lost values or a off-centered screen.

See ZSDK Revision history for List off all issues addressed by this release.

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