Zsystem 3
Release Notes

Schmid Engineering AG


Release 09.11.2011
0000CC Added The Mass Storage Device mode can be started with a vi and terminated by pulling the plug. The targets will then initiate a reset.
0000CA Added New ZB.error.setup.vi adds the functionality to change the error behaviour at runtime.
0000C9 Fixed The RTC open function wrote to a wrong memory space a could have caused the system to hang.
0000C7 Added A newline character (0x0A = /n) starts a new line when drawing text.
0000C6 Added Text can be drawn transparent by selectung the background color as 1
0000C5 Added The draw polygon function did not draw all given connecting points in XOR mode.
0000C4 Added DMA is used to update the screen provideing a faster and smoother screen update.
0000C3 Added The backlight is switched on with a delay to prevent the display from blink a white screen when opened
0000C2 Added The digital Input DINB-CH1 on ZMC target cannot be used when the NAND Flash file system is opened.
Errors are given out on the error cluster when opeing both devices.
0000C1 Added New component on board NAND Flash  added. On ZMC (V1.1)‚ Z27-C1 (if assembled) and Z48-C1.
0000C0 Added NEW Target Z27-C1 Core module
0000BE Added Close and repen file devices. (SD Card NAND Flash etc)
The file system is n longer opened at startup but when opening the device.
0000BD Added Memory mapping optimised to reduce dxe size
0000BB Added advanced functions for raw access to parameter stoage devices added
0000BA Added Support for external EEprom device M24C16 connected via TWI interface added.
0000B8 Removed Param component removed on Z48-C1 (device is not deliverable)
0000B6 Fixed Fram component did not free all memory ressources when closed
0000B4 Added Possible External RTCs increased from 0 to 1. (ZMC‚ Z48-C1‚Z27-C1)
0000B3 Fixed The touch sensitive device could report additional touches that were not pressed. Typically in the middle of the screen
0000B2 Changed ZB.din.read.vi the boolean array was always 32 entries long when executed with multiple references

Empoli SP2

Release 31.03.2011
0000B1 Added NEW Target Z48-C1 Core module
0000B0 Changed ISR latency times shortened.
0000AF Changed DMA prio optimised. Some devices with DMA (display‚ ADC) did not get a high enough priority. They could be blocked by the core leading in lost values or a off-centered screen.
0000AD Added New vis ZB.lcd.drawtext.vi and ZB.cld.loadfont.vi added.
Draw text.
0000AC Added New vi ZB.lcd.drawpixmapu32.vi
Direct access to framebuffer allows display of at runtime calculated graphs.
0000AB Added The ADC Chip AD7656 (ZMC has 2 of it) can be opened as external ADC device on some targets (eg Z48-C1)
0000AA Fixed ZB.lcd.update.vi did not run properly in FDM
0000A7 Changed Display driver used much ressources. The memory footprint has been shrinked by 30%‚ the interrupt load has been optimised.
0000A2 Added New Display types:
GLYN_ETV570 640 x 480 (VGA) 5.7”
GLYN_ET0350 320 x 240 (QVGA) 3‚5”

Empoli SP 1

Release 07.12.2010 beta
0000A0 Changed Error outputs on console disabled to avoid instability problems.
00009E Added New VI ZB.ldc.update.vi added to bring the drawn items to the screen at a defined point in the program
00009D Added New VI ZB.power.getspeed.vi added to read out processor speed at runtime without touching the settings.
00009C Added New display types added:
- POWERTIP PH480272T 4‚3" 480 x 272 as 1:1 replacement for SHARP LQ043T1DG01
- GLYN ETQ570G2DM6 5.7" 320 x 240
000095 Fixed Program hangs in startup when Ethernet communication is enabled and ethernet cable is not plugged.
New VIs ZB.ethernet.open.vi and ZB.ethernet.ready.vi can be used to start up ethernet manualy at any place iin the programm without program lock.
000093 Fixed File system instability problem with cards slower than class (4) fixed. Now SD cards from class (2) and faster are supported.
000091 Fixed touch driver reworked to avoid dead locks with other components and to reduce interrupt load.
00008D Added Terminal.vi with new traffic indicator


Release 04.08.2010
00008C Added TWI 1 on ZMC is new aviable as reference. The interface can be connected on ZMC upon hardware version 1.0.
00008B Added UART 0 on ZMC is new aviable as reference. The interface can be connected on ZMC upon hardware version 1.0 as TTL sigals.
00008A Fixed The target could not go to hibernate mode if some interrupt sources were activated.
000089 Added More informations in error messages of unexpected errors.
000087 Changed The vi ZB.rtc.timedate.set.vi  has been synchronised with the seconds information of the rtc. This behaviour semms no longer needed. The vi had a execution time of up to 1s. Care must be taken‚ because the time information wont be adjusted and the old information will be read out until the next second.
000086 Changed The vi ZB.rtc.timedate.set.vi passes the weekday information to the mid layer. Not all kinds of RTCs store the weekday information. This change only takes affect for external rtcs that accept variable weekday information.
000080 Added New version Information Tool
(Can be started from Kick starter)
00007F Added Version Numbers harmonised:
Generation.Release.Zwischenversion-LabVIEW Version
Bsp: 3.1.5-86
Generation: 2 Zmobile bis 8.5; 3 BF-Platform independant ab 8.6; 4 future
Release: 1 Domodossola; 2 Empoli; 3 Firenze...
Zwischenversion: 0 = tested release; 1.2.3... alpha of the next release
00007C Fixed When the wrong com port was choosen in the getting started example. A change to the settings did not take affect in every case.
00007B Added Getting started with "search for com port" function enhaced
00007A Added Search for com port function added.  The ZB.init.vi automatically detects a connected target when no debugging channel is connected.
000078 Added New VI ZB.rtc.timedate.isvalid.vi
check if the time information has been lost
000074 Added New external device RICOH 2015 high precision real time clock.
000072 Added terminal.vi manual switch between full view and smart view.
000071 Added Kick starter icons statt drop down liste
00006D Fixed The ADC DMA sampling crashed randomly.
00006A Added Driver for AD5420 Current DAC added.
000069 Added Shutdown sequence bevore hibernating is executet. This prevents the LCD to come up with a white screen.
000068 Added Function ZB.lcd.close.vi added.
The LCD on the ZMC needs a specified shut down sequence. Otherwise a white screen can occure at when restarted without a complete power cycle.
000067 Added ZB.timer.getdutycyle.vi wrong function call in compiled mode
000064 Added The update speed of the display has been increased (doubled)
000063 Fixed The ZB.lcd.draw.line.vi generated an error in FDM mode.
000062 Fixed The ADC open DMA function generted an error.
000061 Added New RS422 RS485 direction control vis have been added.
000060 Added New ZB.lcd.draw.polygon.vi can be used to draw graphs and other objects. Moving objects can be done through XOR mode.


Release 02.02.2010
00005F Added Documentation has been revised and complemented.
00005E Changed Examples have been revised with some small changes.
00005D Added A webserver example using the file system to read  html and picture files has been added (in th ecommunication folder).
00005C Added The Communication examples hve been enhanced with a terminal to watch a serial interface on the PC.
00005B Added A new example (Storage) shows how to use the parameter device.
00005A Changed Entry name of typedef in ZB.timer.open*.vi changed
000058 Changed The tread safety of the Z vis has been increased.
000057 Fixed The touch driver for ad7877 got improvements to prevent from hanging target in some application set ups.
000056 Fixed Removing a event from a DIN did not remove the edge sensitive behaviour.
When a event is set on a DIN‚ the DI cannot be polled. With this fix‚ the DIN can be polled again when the event is removed.
000055 Fixed ZB.touch.removeall.vi wrote to wrong memory area. Causing unexpecetd behavior.
000054 Changed Timers controlled by ZB.timer.*.vi s are new halted on emulator halt.
000053 Added Support for Displsys driven via 16 bit ppi. this can reduce target costs for custom targets.
000052 Changed Driver level errors from ZB.lcd.showbmp.vi were generated for component "files" rather than "lcd"
00004D Added Some targets can be putted in Mass Storage device mode. In this mode‚ they can be connected to the PC to get direct access to the storage media. This mode can be reached from FDM mode only.
A new example (Storage) enables the ZMC to be connected to a PC via USB as Mass Storage Device to browse the files on the SD Card.
00004C Added New simple graphic primitive Vis
ZB.lcd.draw.line.vi and
00004B Fixed ZB.lcd.showbmp.vi. Bitmaps were displayed distordet depending on the width of the bitmap.
000049 Fixed When enabling TCP/IP Support the following Linker error may occure:
[Error li1030]  Can not open input file 'lv_lwip_z_catagna.dlb'.
Beta Catagna can be patched with Zbrain BSP patch catagna LWIP to enable TCP/IP functionnality.
000048 Added New component TWI (2-wire interface).
These VIs allow a Z-hardware to interface to external components via an Inter IC bus as specified by the Philips I2C Bus Specification‚ version 2.1‚ dated January 2000.
000042 Changed ADC drivers share code for buffer handling. Changings in the behaviour are not expected.
000040 Added New exernal component AD799X. (AD7991 AD 7995 and AD 7999)
ADC with 4 channels and 8‚ 10 or 12 bit resolution on the TWI interface.
00003D Added The new vi ZRefMnC.hibernate.vi sets the processor in hibernate mode.
This is the most power saving mode. The processor stops working. One of 6 interrupt sources can wake up the processor by executing a reset.
00003C Added ZRefMnC.power.v_module.vi is new able to set the SMSC Ethernet chip in power saving mode.

Issues that are not listed here have no obvious afect on the behaviour of a embedded application or are only relevant on targets other than ZMC.


Release 10.08.2009 beta
00003A Added New Interpreter interpreterd_V3.0.0.catagna.ldr can be found in LabVIEWdirecrory\Targets\Schmid\Embedded\ZRefMnC.
000039 Added New target ZrefMnC catagna
000038 Changed The Target Genberator that is called from the updater has the ability to flag targets as disabled. The user can change this flag by toggling a contol on the front panel of the Target generator.
000037 Changed Manuals in the documentation path (available trough Kick Starter) updated to newest versions.
000036 Added Project Generator is new aviable trough Kick starter
000035 Added A Project Generator was desiged to generate new projects configured for rthe choosen target.
000034 Changed The console output Vi (not installed on FDM only installations) is now replaced or disabled in FDM mode in the Examples. Other small changes in the Examples have been made.
000033 Fixed External memory mapped devices (ADC‚ Ethernet) did not work correct when data cashing (Build Specification Options -> Advanced Options) was enabled.
000032 Added New component PARAM
Parameters can be safed in nonvolatile memory.
00002F Changed ZB.timer.setperiode.vi minimum settable periode limited to 2us.
This prevents from unwanted behaviour‚ when setting 0. Finer resolutions are aviable with ZB.timer.setfrequency.vi.
00002E Changed ZB.timer.setwidth.vi minimum settable width limited to 1us.
This prevents from unwanted behaviour‚ when setting 0. Finer resolutions are aviable with ZB.timer.setdutycyle.vi.
00002D Changed visual dsp V5 vdu6
Visual DSP version 5.0 with update 6 is recommended for the the BSP catagna.
This update has to be installed dseparately.
The visualdsp release notes gives detailed information about this update.
000029 Added Target ZReference M&C
Advanced timer service started by default with 200us periode
000026 Changed The Zsystem file functions read‚ write and append generated an error when ether the path or the filename was not connected.
When path is not connected the default path c:\ is chosen which is the main storage device on most targets.
When the filename is in the path‚ there is no longer need the split the path into filename and path.
000025 Fixed ZB.uart.writestring.vi wrong parameter in function call in compiled mode.
000024 Fixed ZB.timer.openpwm.vi wrong parameter in function call in compiled mode.
000022 Fixed ZB.timer.actionhook.vi wrong function call in compiled mode.
000021 Fixed ZB.din.actionhook.vi wrong function call in compiled mode.
000020 Fixed ZB.uart.receive.vi wrong function call in compiled mode.
00001F Added New component RTC with Vi s for reading and writing the rtc.
In previous versions‚ the RTC system service has not been started.


Release 07.05.2009 beta
00001E Changed The Target dlb was built to generate faster code.
00001D Changed The getting started example for ZMC target has been extended with support for RS232 FDM connection.
See also Change 000014.
00001C Added Folder "sd card content" in the getting started example for ZMC target.
00001B Fixed ZB.uart.received.vi wrong function call in compiled mode.
00001A Added FDM Interpreter interpreterd_V3.0.0.bologna.ldr
000019 Added Target ZRefMnC_V3.0.bologna
000016 Fixed File functions could block the scheduler. This could lead to a hanging program and a corrupt file or file system.
000015 Fixed Timer functions did not address the timers indicated by the reference.
000014 Added FDM Interpreter works on multiple serial interfaces per target. (On the ZMC target the RS232 and the RS422 can be used for FDM connection in addition to  USB).
000013 Fixed providing ADC with buffers > 32k  could cause the program to hang
000012 Added LWIP support (Ethernet) enabled for Zsystem targets.
Embedded Web Server functionality has been tested with a small example.
000011 Changed ZB.timer.startpulse is new retriggerable.  When Executing the VI before the pulse time has elapsed‚ the pulse is restarted immediately.
000010 Fixed File open could crash.
00000F Added Zsystem heap size increased from 2MB to 8MB on ZReference Measurement and Control Target. The heap is used to allocate buffers (e.g. ADC).
000007 Added ZB.adc.actionhook.vi sample values when a given event occurs.
000006 Removed palette ghosts removed.

Some changes may not be listed here.


Release 31.03.2009 beta
000005 Fixed Automatically created backups of automatically created backups will no longer be automatically created. They are removed by installing the patch
000004 Removed Unused Zsystem VIs and menus. They are removed by installing the patch
000003 Added FDM Interpreter interpreterd_V3.0.0.ancona.ldr
000002 Added Target ZRefMnC_LVGUI_V3.0.ancona
000001 Added Target ZRefMnC_V3.0.ancona

Some changes may not be listed here.

Schmid Engineering AG 08.11.2011

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