Kernel update instructions

The modified kernel is available from Github: Relase lwb5p/20.5-0.1


Bevore installing the kernel make sure the target has installed the following software.

  • Firmware >= sbRIO-9651_7.0.0.cfg or newer
  • NI CompactRIO 20.5

These components can be installed with NI MAX.

The Target must be connected to a network with internet access. The USB LAN connection is not bridged to the PCs internet connection. The Ethernet port must be used. If a target has no Ethernet port, such as ZSOM-Mini. The Controller can be plugged onto a ZSOM Control for this operation.

The following steps have to be completed to install the kernel on a target:

Open a SSH connection to the target.

See Knowledge base article " Accessing the Shell in NI Linux Real-Time Devices".

Hint: The default loging is admin and the password is empty (no password).

Set date and time

You can use NI MAX or the shell you connected to in the previous step. The followig steps may fail if the date is incorrect.

Shell command to set date and time:

date -s "2020-06-25 12:00"

Update package manager

opkg update
opkg upgrade

Download Package


Install new kernel

opkg install ./ni-linux-kernel-lwb5p_0.1-r01.ipk

Do this for all *.ipk files that you have downloaded in the previous step.
This might take some minutes, as proprietary ni modules are rebuilt for some installations.

restart the target

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