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Z3 Z4 Migration Guide

Migrating a project from Z3 to Z4 is a straight forward tasks and most parts of the program do not need any changes.

Copying the project

  1. Start Z4-SDK, generate new project
  2. Copy all Sub VI's from the old Z3 project into the newly generated “SubVI” folder
  3. Copy the old main VI into the the new project folder
  4. Rename main VI (optional)
  5. Make sure the main VI has the standard connector pane:
  6. Start a mass compile under Tools→Advanced→MassCompile
  7. In Zbrain SDK select the new main VI

Necessary software adaptions Z3->Z4

  1. Replace LabVIEW file functions with z-file functions.
    (Replace pathes with strings)
  2. Replace LabVIEW ethernet VIs with z-ethernet VI's
  3. Replace LabVIEW timing VI's (e.g. “to time stamp”) with own code
    (Note that the “get ms tick” VI can still be used)
  4. Parallel loops must be replaced by a single loop. Parallel loops are not supported currently.
  5. Make sure all controls&indicators are labeled. (controls&indicators with empty labels produce compile errors)


  • Check the yellow exclamation mark for unsupported VIs
  • To switch between Z3 and Z4 follow this instructions: Switching between Z3 and Z4


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