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Remote support with TeamViewer


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Remote support

You want to have an engineer from Schmid Engineering sitting next to you to discuss your code or toolchain.
With the team viewer quick support you can give access to your screen in just a few clicks. The support engineer will see your screen and can remotely control your PC while you talk on the phone. Follow these steps to get support:

  1. contact Schmid Engineering to schedule a remote support session
  2. download the Team Viewer Quick Support software.
  3. double click and run the downloaded software. Confirm the warning with 'Run'. (nothing will be installed - no administrator privileges required. See also the security statements below)
  4. tell the support engineer your ID and Password on the phone.


You can:

  • see all the actions that the support engineer performs on your PC.
  • close the connection at any time.

The support engineer cannot:

  • get access to your PC when you do not connect from your side.
  • copy files from your PC without your permission.

See also the TeamViewer security statements

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