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Installation checklist Zbrain SDK Z4

Please follow this steps to check if the installation of Zbrain SDK Z4 was successful.

1. Check COM Ports

  1. start Zbrain SDK by double clicking the icon on the desktop
  2. go to the FDM tab
  3. Check if the COM port selector shows any com ports. (e.g. COM1).
  4. If the COM port selector doesn't show any ports at all, please install the VISA drivers
  5. Connect a ZMC via micro USB connector J6 to the PC. The USB driver should now install automatically. This process might take some minutes.
  6. When the driver is successfully installed, a new com port appears in the COM port selector after executing a refresh.
  7. If the new com Port does not appear see issue 4000000D.

2. Check VisualDSP++

  1. go to the Run tab
  2. check if VisalDSP starts correctly by pressing this button:
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