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VI Blacklist

This page contains information about limitations, known bugs and unsupported LabVIEW VIs.
In addition to this there is a Zbrain SDK Z4 known issues list

Issue Nr do not use: symptom remarks / alternative edited
Data types
kbt0001 path type unsupported paths can be replaced with strings ba
kbt0002 time stamps run time error use clusters to store time information ba
VIs and Functions
kbv0001 local variables sometimes the default value is read back ba
kbv0002 unnamed controls and indicators linker error avoid unnamed controls and indicators ba
kbv0003 feedback node does not accept values >1use multiple nodesab
kbv0004 match regular expression unsupported use match pattern if possibleab
kbv0005 in place element node run time error use replace array subset if applicableab
kbw0001 direct wiring of error clusters to boolean inputs insert a Unbundle By Name ba

Unsupported VIs and Functions (List from C Generator Help)

<html> <p class=“Body”>The following VIs and functions are unsupported:</p><ul class=“List-unsupported”><li><a href=“”>Cast Unit Bases</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Connectivity</a> VIs and functions except for the <a href=“”>Call Library Function Node</a></li><li><a href=“”>Convert Unit</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>CPU Information</a> functions</li><li><a href=“”>Data Communication</a> VIs and functions except for the <a href=“”>First Call?</a> function, <a href=“”>global variables</a>, and <a href=“”>local variables</a></li><li><a href=“”>Dialog &amp; User Interface</a> VIs and functions except for <a href=“”>Clear Errors</a>, <a href=“”>Error Cluster From Error Code</a>, <a href=“”>Find First Error,</a> and <a href=“”>Merge Errors</a></li><li><a href=“”>File I/O</a> VIs and functions</li><li><a href=“”>Get Drag Drop Data</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Get Waveform Attribute</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Graphics &amp; Sound</a> VIs</li><li><a href=“”>Instrument I/O</a> VIs and functions</li><li><a href=“”>Invoke Node</a></li><li><a href=“”>LabVIEW classes</a></li><li><a href=“”>Measurement I/O</a> VIs and functions</li><li><a href=“”>Notifier Operations</a> functions</li><li><a href=“”>Occurrences</a> functions</li><li><a href=“”>Open Application Reference</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Palette Editing</a> VIs</li><li><a href=“”>Property Node</a></li><li><a href=“”>Queue Operations</a> functions</li><li><a href=“”>Quit LabVIEW</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Report Generation</a> VIs</li><li><a href=“”>Set Waveform Attribute</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Stop</a> function</li><li><a href=“”>Timed Structures</a> and VIs</li><li><a href=“”>Timing</a> VIs and functions except the <a href=“”>To Time Stamp</a> and <a href=“”>Format Date/Time String</a> functions</li><li><a href=“”>VI Scripting</a> VI and functions</li></ul> </html>

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