What can ZBrain System be used for?

ZBrain System and LabVIEW embedded are novelties on the market. This site describes the strength and weaknesses of the system.

Applications perfectly suited for ZBrain System

  • Measurement and control applications of any complexity and any number of process IO with slow control loops <50Hz
  • Continuous data sampling in the lower kHz area without data processing (Sample to SD-Card)
  • Burst-like data sampling up to 200kHz followed by an “offline” data processing
  • TomTom-like GUIs

Applications, where ZBrain System can be used with limitations

  • Burst-like capturing and generation of analog signals up to 50MHz with offline slow data processing. (e.g. 0.5s). Requires external electronics.
  • Special functions, triggers, special timings, …
  • Real time control loops with loop iterations > 5Hz. (Z-PID control VI up to 5kHz currently under developement)
  • Data streaming applications (continues data sampling and processing) for data rates > 2kB / s (depends on the processing)
  • Complex user interfaces with many sub menues, drop down lists etc.
  • complex TCP-IP applications

If you are not sure if your Application fits on a Zbrain, ask us at:

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