ZBrain-System (Z48-C1, Z27-C1) features a standard 2x8pin, 2mm pitch connector for programming.
This connector features JTAG, FDM-UART and SPI-Bootlines.

A small ProgDongle (38x16mm) interfaces this connector to the JTAG emulator or to an RS232 PC port.

The ProgDongle serves several different functions:

  • FDM programming (RS232. Note: DSUB9 RS232 adapter cable needed)
  • Emulator connection (JTAG)
  • Series production and field updates (On board memory, boot and program from ProgDongle)

accessories needed:
- DSUB9 RS232 adapter cable for FDM programming

- order ProgDongle_STD for Z48-C1, Z27-C1 and custom hardware
- order ProgDongle_ZMC for ZMC
- If using FDM or JTAG, make sure the “boot” jumper is NOT set.

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