LV Embedded Programming Style Guide

A Programming Style Guide for LabVIEW Embedded and ZBrain SDK.

general design approach

  • Only do small development steps at a time!
    Remember, while working in FDM mode the code is executed on the PC and not on the target. Timing is different and VIs might execute different.
  • For this reason its absolutely crucial that only small pieces of code are developed in FDM mode, then compiled and tested in real time on the target
  • DO NOT use the LabVIEW “run” or “deploy” to execute your program on the target.
    Use the “build” command and then manually download the *.dxe file to the target using VisualDSP

application programming

  • Use a single loop approach wherever possible.
    Parallel loops are suitable only for loop times > 200ms and they introduce timing jitter of 50..150ms.
  • Do NOT use timed loops, use while loops instead
  • Do NOT use local variables
  • REMOVE all unnecessary frontpanel controls and indicators
  • Do NOT change the default compiler settings (e.g. code optimization)
  • Open all hardware references (e.g. “open dout”) at program start
  • Use only basic VIs, Express VIs etc. don't work

programming style guides for LabVIEW Embeded applications

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