Set Speed

- preleminary - not tested-
The setspeed VI can be used to change the clock speed in order to minimize power consumption.

Notes about debugging:

  • Debugging gets complicated after changing the clock speed. Thus its recommended to start working on clock changes only at the very end of a development cycle
  • After changing the clock speed the emulator looses connection to the target. For this reason it's important never to change the clock speed directly after power up. Always program your application in such a way that the first clock change occurs at least 5 seconds after power up!
    (After power up the processor runs with default settings, which allows to connect the emulator to the target during this 5 seconds)
  • The program should not be executed as a *.DXE file, it's strongly recommended to always create a *.LDR file

No Boot
In case the VDSP session cannot be connected because a flashed application changes the clock settings, follow this instructions:

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