ADC read U16

Read multiple U16 values on one analog channel.
The VI gives back an 1 dimensional array of values for the channel defined by refnum.


error in (no error)
The error in cluster can accept error information wired from VIs previously called. Use this information to decide if any functionality should be bypassed in the event of errors from other VIs.
The pop-up option Explain Error (or Explain Warning) gives more information about the error displayed.

number of samples
desired number of samples to be read.

offset (0)
start to read n samples after the actual read position.

every x samples (1)
Use this if you do not want every sample to be returned.
1 = every sample will be returned
2 = every second value will be returned resulting in a sampling rate that is half the original rate

update offset (T)
Defines how the actual read position in the buffer is affected after this vi ran.
TRUE (default) = the next read will be performed on the next sample after the last returned sample.
FALSE = the next reading will be performed on the same samples.

get newest (F) Defines whether to read from the actual reading position of the buffer or always to return the newest values.
Default value is FALSE.

Refnum of the subcomponent / channel


error out
error out passes error or warning information out of a VI to be used by other VIs. values
just sampled values

refnum (dup) Refnum of the subcomponent / channel

How to

When get newest is false, the values read from the current read pointer position (Rp).
The read pointer is updated afterwards (to Rp1) if update offset is true.

If get newest is true, the newest values are read in regardless of the read pointer position.

The write pointer is updated whenever a value is sampled in. (When using DMA the write pointer is updated when a whole sub buffer is sampled in)

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