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===== Zbrain Datenblätter ===== ^Produkt ^ Beschreibung ^ Datenblatt (D) ^ Datasheet (E)| ^ZMC | Singleboard Messrechner |[[|Datenblatt ZMC (D)]] |[[|Datasheet ZMC (E)]]| ^Z48-C1 | Core Module |[[|Datenblatt Z48-C1 (D)]] |[[|Datasheet Z48-C1 (E)]]| ^Z27-C1 | Core Module |[[|Datenblatt Z27-C1 (D)]]|[[|Datasheet Z27-C1 (E)]]| ^Z48-MB1 | Core Module |[[|Datenblatt Z48-MB1 (D)]]| ^ZMC AOI-Sim | AOI-Simulator zu ZMC|[[|Datenblatt ZMC-AOI Simulator (D)]]| ^Zbrain Starterkit | Zbrain Starterkit |[[|Datenblatt Zbrain Starterkit (D)]] |[[|Datasheet Zbrain Starterkit (E)]]| ^Zbrain SDK Z4| Zbrain Software Development Kit|[[|Datenblatt Zbrain SDK(D)]] |[[|Datasheet Zbrain SDK(E)]]| ^Zbrain System| Ovreview|[[|Datenblatt Zbrain SDK(D)]] |[[|Datasheet Zbrain SDK(E)]]|

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