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 ====== issue 4000013 ====== ====== issue 4000013 ======
 +**topic:** DINB-CH0 and DINB-CH1 on ZMC not usable.
-**topic:​** ​ NAND flash Mass Storage read access data corruption 
 +**status:** solved in 4.1.3
-**status:** in test 
- +**detailed description:​** ​DINB-CH0 and DINB-CH1 ​on ZMC have not read the signal connected to the screw terminal. 
-**detailed description:​** ​Data read from on board NAND flash device via Mass Storage Device Mode sometimes arrived corrupted ​on the PC. Reading ​the data in the running application was not affected by this issueWriting data was not affected by this issue.+The error occurred ​in compiled mode and in FDM. 
 +This 2 channels are still not usable, when the NAND flash file system is open.
 **solution:​** solved in 4.1.3 **solution:​** solved in 4.1.3
-Mass storage device mode is slower in 4.1.3 than in 4.1.2. 
 See all [[z4_known_issues|known issues]]. See all [[z4_known_issues|known issues]].
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