A watchdog is a hardware feature that resets the processor if the software stops running.

Once the watchdog is enabled, the software must repeatedly execute “watchdog_toggle” within a specified time, otherwise a reset is performed.
Typically the “watchdog_toggle” is executed somewhere in the application main loop.

Currently there is no VI to configure the watchdog, but as a workaround you can insert the following c-nodes:

enable watchdog

Insert this C-node right after program start

toggle watchdog

insert this C-node into the application main loop


  • This c-nodes work on any target, but only in compiled mode
  • Once the watchdog is enabled, debugging gets complicated. For this reason add the watchdog only at the very end of a development cycle
  • If you need to survey several parallel loops, insert the “watchdog_toggle” into one loop and survey the loop counters of the others
  • A reset during a file function can corrupt a file system
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