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 #define TMR_F_DIO63 (0x0004) #define TMR_F_DIO63 (0x0004)
 #define TMR_G_DIO73 (0x0001) #define TMR_G_DIO73 (0x0001)
-#define TMR_H_DIO9 ​ (0x0400+</​code>​  
-#define TMR_I_DIO8 ​ (0x0200+The timers TMR_H DIO9 and TMR_I DIO8 on t eZ48 C1 are controlled by a sepatare register.\\ 
-</​code> ​    ​+Control them with the following definitions:​ 
 +#​define ​ TIMER_ENABLE1 ​ 0xffc00640 ​  /* Timer Group of 8 Enable Register */ 
 +#​define ​ pTIMER_ENABLE1 ((volatile unsigned short *)TIMER_ENABLE1) 
 +#define TMR_H_DIO9 ​ (0x0004
 +#define TMR_I_DIO8 ​ (0x0002
 +    ​
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