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 ====== SDK (Software Development Kit) ====== ====== SDK (Software Development Kit) ======
-Graphical Programming,​ Fast Debugging and Deterministic Real-time Services ​ 
-The ZBrain Board Support Package adds high level function blocks and real-time system services to the default LabVIEW Embedded Module. It allows graphical design, prototyping and deployment of even large scale applications using a single programming environment. Reliable multithreading,​ multiple and simultaneous process I/O as well as deterministic program execution are achieved by a strong real-time framework. 
-A function palette enhancing the default LabVIEW standard VIs provides a wealth of intuitive Virtual Instruments (VI'​s) ​ to productively perform typical embedded system tasks in an intuitive drag & drop style. 
-Schmid Engineerings new and unique Graphical Fast Debugging Mode (FDM) based on a Hardware-In-The-Loop technology offers live debugging with instant results. A simple serial link between a PC and the target gives LabVIEW access to all board functions. This allows to conveniently design application frameworks and algorithms, while C-Code generation and code downloading is postponed to a later stage. ​ 
-Finally, generated C-Code is deployed to the Schmid Engineerings standard targets, where Realtime Services ensure instant availability and deterministic realtime behavior. The services fully control the VDK kernel, the memory, the processor core, the DMA controller and even the low interrupts level. ​ 
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