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 Read more at [[wp>​MAC_address|Wikipedia (MAC address)]]\\ Read more at [[wp>​MAC_address|Wikipedia (MAC address)]]\\
 Get a [[wp>​Individual_Address_Block]] with 4096 MAC adresses from[[http://​standards.ieee.org/​develop/​regauth/​iab/​|IEEE]] Get a [[wp>​Individual_Address_Block]] with 4096 MAC adresses from[[http://​standards.ieee.org/​develop/​regauth/​iab/​|IEEE]]
 +From [[SDK]] version 3.2.1 empoli SP1 the MAC address can be set in the program at the start of th Ethernet component in the program.\\
 +In version 3.2.1 a [[MAC address workaround|workaround]] is needed to enable a correct setting. ​
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