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 ===== TWI "​External EEPROM 24MC16"​ ===== ===== TWI "​External EEPROM 24MC16"​ =====
 Uses the external TWI EEPROM for parameter storage. Uses the external TWI EEPROM for parameter storage.
-[[example_z48-C1_twi_eeprom_24MC16|Example ​TWI EEPROM 24MC16]]+[[example_z48-C1_twi_eeprom_24MC16|TWI EEPROM 24MC16]]
 ===== DEV-Z48-C1 ===== ===== DEV-Z48-C1 =====
 Examples for DEV-Z48-C1. Examples for DEV-Z48-C1.
 [[example_dev-z48-c1_basic|Examples DEV-Z48-C1]] [[example_dev-z48-c1_basic|Examples DEV-Z48-C1]]
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