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 +====== Constant bitmap work around ======
 +Use this work around if you want to:
 +  * have faster screen updates when displaying pictures
 +  * reduce the risk of freezing applications due to [[read_disturbance|data loss]]
 +  * work without files system but with bitmaps
 +This work around consists of **ZB.lcd.showbmp.extended.vi** that can be used as a replacement ​ for zb.lcd.showbmp.vi.\\
 +It has the same connector pane as zb.lcd.showbmp.vi. If a bitmap with unknown file name is to be displayed, the vi calls zb.lcd.showbmp.vi.
 +If a bitmap with known file name (a case in the case structure is named after the bitmap) the draw pixmap function is called with a constant that holds the picture information.\\
 +The second VI in the ZIP file (**convert bmp 2 const.vi**) is the conversion tool it reads in a bitmap file and displays it in a 2d array of color informations.
 +To add your own bitmaps complete the following steps:
 +  - [[http://​schmid-engineering.ch/​zbraindoc/​examples/​constant bitmap 121115.zip|Download the constant bitmap vi from here.]]\\
 +  - copy ZB.lcd.showbmp.extended.vi in to your project folders
 +  - run convert bmp 2 const.vi
 +  - Right click on the indicator "​Array"​ and choose -> Data Operations -> Copy Data
 +  - duplicate the "​test.bmp"​ case in ZB.lcd.showbmp.extended.vi
 +  - name the case after the bitmap
 +  - paste the data in the constant array within you new case.
 +  - repeat steps 3 - 7  for all bitmaps that you would like to have as constants in your application
 +  - replace zb.lcd.showbmp.vi in your application with the copy of ZB.lcd.showbmp.extended.vi from your project folders.
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