The ZSOM-Control is an off-the-shelf hardware module from NI Embedded-Specialty Alliance member Schmid Elektronik, integrating the NI System-on-Module sbRIO9651 on an industrial carrier board. It is designed for embedded measurement and control applications and can be fully programmed with LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA. All necessary process I/O signals are available on two rugged clamp terminals. An optional PCIe card adds 4G, GPS or WIFI to the system.

The ZSOM-Control is available as starter kit

  • 12x analog in, 16 bit, ±5V or ±10V, 450kHz simultaneous, 4th order antialiasing with fg=200kHz.
  • 4x analog out, 16 bit, ±10V, OVP, 100kHz simultaneous generation of all 4 channels.

Geometry b/h/l : 146mm x100mm x10mm

Main wide input range 10-30V power supply

ZSOM-Control-xx - xx - xx
Heat spreader SE Schmid Elektronik
NI Original
Display 00 without Display
DV with Display VGA
Connection 00 solder pads
ST screw terminal

1), 2) not supported by getting started example
3) Not yet available
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